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Boba Plush Nap Style

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Size: 12" x 11" x 7"

High-quality material: our nap pillow is made of original ecological premium quality cotton. The cover is made of super soft plush, soft and breathable skin, no lint does not fade. Perfect face pillow for students and office workers, which can be used for a short and peaceful nap on the desk

Unique design: The nap pillow has a hollow structure, which can breathe freely and is naturally ventilated. Very suitable for face-down sleepers. The unique design reduces the pressure on the arms, the hands are numb, and the nap is comfortable.

Multi-purpose: very suitable for office, library, family, and travel, no matter where you are. You will get support in any posture, face-down sleep, and neck sleep will also be very comfortable. It can be used on the back to reduce the fatigue of sedentary sitting effectively. You can spend a comfortable time and relax at the office during nap time. It is also a good gift for friends or a family member who you care about