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Squishmallow Tuxedo Sam Milkshake


Tuxedo Sam has been made over in adorable Squishmallow fashion! He's a lovely 12-inch milkshake complete with a striped straw on top of his hat with the classic round shape

HUGGABLE SIZE: Squishmallow plush measures 12-inches tall - the perfect size to cuddle with!

SUPER SOFT: Made of incredibly cozy- polyester fiber, these squishy toys have a marshmallow-like texture that's pillow-soft

FUN FOR ALL OCCASIONS: Squishmallows make great pillows, bedtime buddies, and travel companions!

GREAT GIFT IDEA: Purchase this adorable plush for yourself or gift it to the plush lover in your life! 100% Authentic Squishmallows — Guaranteed!